Paid Media

Organic search is a critical part of any online strategy. However, it’s a long-term commitment. Pairing it with a strong paid media campaign gives your brand maximum visibility in the search engines up front. More visibility leads to big business gains.

Paid search, also known as search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, gets your brand in front of customers who are ready to convert. Customers who are clicking on ads in the search engines are far down the sales funnel; a strong paid media strategy is pertinent in order to capture these valuable searchers.

These lucrative advertising slots aren’t hard to set up and buy, but finessing them into a profitable business component can be. There are strategic tactics to consider when it comes to placing your bids around your targeted keywords.

We use defined goals and hard data to implement successful paid search campaigns that target the customers who are most likely to convert. We monitor performance daily so that we can immediately react to the ever-changing landscape of search engine advertising. This mindfulness keeps ROI high and always the driving force behind successful paid search initiatives.

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Get your brand in front of
customers who are ready to convert

For an example of Pan Galactic’s work in paid media, please see our case study for Sun Chlorella USA.

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