Lead Generation

Every business needs customers in order to remain viable. But constantly working to generate a steady stream of leads can be tiresome, challenging and just plain stressful.

We help clients find these valuable customers through strategic lead generation programs. The traffic you want to your site is out there, and we help you identify and capitalize on it. The trick is to anticipate what your visitors are looking for and to provide it before they ask. This establishes you as an authority in your industry and a business that others are compelled to trust.

Lead generation programs target the most attractive customers who have the highest likelihood of conversion as they move down the sales funnel. They zero-in on valuable prospects who can have a high transactional value as they grow in relationship with you.

Lead generation programs can include:

  • Paid media (including social media and search marketing) programs to identify key customers on the conversion path
  • Email programs, including automated programs
  • Content strategy and implementation
  • Search engine optimization to increase overall brand awareness

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Find The People Who Want To Find You

“My team maintained a highly collaborative relationship with Pan Galactic. Through our thoughtful conversations and the data and research the agency provided, we were able to pinpoint exactly which audience we needed to target to have the most effective lead generation program.”

– Philippe Villard, Sr Director of Global Commercial Marketing, Stereotaxis