Influencer Programming

Think about the last time you bought a product online. How much weight did you give its reviews in your decision process? Chances are, what others said about the product and their own personal experiences made a difference in how you evaluated the product.

This scenario illustrates the power of influencer marketing. Tapping into an influencer’s network can have a powerful impact for brands. These influencers have carefully cultivated their audiences and have earned their respect and trust. Thus, getting an endorsement from them for your products can be a boon for business.

Pan Galactic works to develop influencer programming across all industries. We verify and vet influencers who are a good fit for your brand and develop strategies to target the most relevant and lucrative audiences. We see relationships from inception to publication and handle all intricacies in between.

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We cultivate influencers, bloggers, personalities and loyalists into
advocates for the brand.

For an example of Pan Galactic’s work on influencer programming, please see our case study on Sun Chlorella USA.

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