Email Marketing

Email marketing might feel like a pre-historic marketing tactic, but its contribution to successful digital marketing strategies cannot be overstated. It’s a cost-effective way of reaching valuable members of your audience. The ROI is high, and now that consumers are never far from their smartphones, likewise they are never far from their inboxes.

Pan Galactic develops email marketing campaigns that bring top-notch results to overall digital marketing strategies. We establish objectives and corresponding metrics or KPIs for the campaign, craft the email messaging and creative and strategically get the email in mailboxes at the right time. Once an email campaign is complete, we dive into the data to see what we can learn from the performance in order to make subsequent campaigns more effective.

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Email has been and continues to be the long-time workhorse of digital marketing
not the newest but steadfast in results and return

For an example of Pan Galactic’s work in paid media, please see our case study for Sun Chlorella USA.

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