The agency’s principals have spent a combined 25+ years working in agencies, from smaller companies to agencies part of a large global holding group. With experience in deep-focused digital marketing, traditional advertising and brand strategy, they bring powerful insight to today’s evolving digital marketing landscape.

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Lara Reed

Lara Reed, President

Lara plays a key role in strategy development for clients and oversees all business and operations of the agency. Her agency experience includes social media strategy and campaign management, Twitter/TV advertising integration, digital advertising, launching new brand presences on growing platforms and real-time?social media executions for 1:1 marketing. She particularly enjoys the foundational work of brand positioning and identity, as well as strategic planning and research. Lara has maintained clients spanning numerous industries. Past relationships include Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, Schwans Consumer Brands, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Jared Reed

Jared Reed, CEO

Jared’s digital marketing experience spans many platforms, including organic and paid search strategy, email strategy and social media marketing. He has been a beta tester for Google and Bing and has done work for Fortune 500 clients, including Dell, Kotex, Lap-Band, Invisalign and Microsoft.

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Jared is an experienced digital marketer who engages audiences of all backgrounds on the how and why of implementing organic search initiatives.

Jared’s career has spanned the transformation of Google; starting from the time when Google powered Yahoo, to its market domination today. He has worked closely with Google and other search engines to develop and optimize marketing programs for a variety of brands such as Kleenex, Dell, and Coach, among many others.

This extensive experience allows Jared to easily separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what works in search engine optimization. Testing and research are at the center of his systematic approach to this marketing channel.

Speaking engagements can be easily scaled to present this information to people new to SEO or experienced marketers looking to understand the latest challenges faced by brands conducting business online.