About Us

Pan Galactic uses the power of data to?develop?digital strategies that support a brand’s goals. It’s simple: Data delights and excites us. We turn rows of numbers into actionable insights. There’s nothing like the thrill of diving into the data to see what jewels are shining through. We are like Michelangelo and his slab of marble, ready to carve out a masterpiece.

All data tell a story. The key is interpreting the data into a language you can understand.

Data delights +
excites us

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How We Think

Hunches and best guesses are best left for gamblers at the roulette table. Pan Galactic doesn’t play that way. Instead, data inform our campaigns and allow us to make insightful and actionable recommendations. Knowing how to analyze and massage the data to read their messages loud and clear is our specialty; after all, without proper analysis, data are nothing more than numbers that mean zero, zilch, nada.

With this laser focus on the data, we develop customized integrated marketing strategies that span all the nooks and crannies of the internet: search engine result pages (either paid or organic placement), display ads, social media profiles, influencers’ blogs and platforms, and inboxes. We are able to use data from one channel to inform decisions in others, constantly building initiatives that are tailored toward specific business needs.

Our success lies in the data. Data don’t deceive, so we constantly track the data and optimize our tactics in order to ensure the best possible outcome for any campaign.

Hunches + best guesses are best left for gamblers at the roulette table.

Every strategy is a special snowflake, unique to that client and their challenge.

Point of Difference

Pan Galactic sets itself apart from others through its people, its collective experience and specific approach to clients and their business and marketing challenges.

We successfully navigate and use data for continued optimization of programs. The agency consults and collaborates with clients in order to best understand and meet business and marketing objectives.

We maintain a careful balance between human intelligence-driven analysis and efficient technology-driven automation.

Every strategy developed is unique to that client and their challenges. We closely monitor the pulse of the digital landscape and are thought leaders in the industry.